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Make Sure Your Trial Lawyer Has Trial Experience

No one would have a doctor perform brain surgery who had never performed the procedure before. Yet, many clients go to trial with lawyers who have little or no trial experience. Often, clients simply assume their lawyers have trial experience and do not bother to ask. That is a mistake. As with everything else, lawyers get better at handling trials by having practice. Generally, the more trials a lawyer has, the better he or she will do trying your case. At trial, many split second decisions must be made. Should I object? What is the proper objection? Should I ask a particular question? Should I move to strike the answer? These decisions must be made in the blink of an eye or the opportunity is lost. Inexperienced lawyers are often confused by the speed of trial. But experienced lawyers act on instinct which is developed through a long history of trying cases. If you think your case is going to trial, make sure to ask your attorney how many trials he or she has taken to verdict. Otherwise, when the day of trial comes, you may find that your attorney is being run around in circles by a more experienced trial lawyer.

Klein & Wilson Resolves Law Firm Divorce and Saves Client Approximately $1 Million

Lawyers often hire Klein & Wilson when their partnerships sour. Recently, an attorney in a 20-year partnership engaged Klein & Wilson to untangle disputes that had been lingering for years. When Klein & Wilson got into the case, the client was willing to give up his capital account and pay a premium for shared assets just to get out of the abusive relationship. Klein & Wilson took over the case and turned it around. By the end of the matter, the abusive partner was begging to end the litigation. Klein & Wilson saved the client approximately $1 million in capital and profits that he was initially willing to sacrifice to end the relationship with his former partner. 

Protect your business when a former employee uses a trade secret

To compete in the modern marketplace, a business needs to offer something unique or do it better than others. Being able to offer a similar product or service at a lower price is also a great way to remain competitive. There has to be something that sets your company apart for you to secure and retain clients or customers.

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