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Be Careful in Becoming a Minority Shareholder in a Corporation or Minority Member in a Limited Liability Company

On Behalf of | May 2, 2019 | Business Litigation

While two percentage points may seem like a very small difference in power in running a company, those two percentage points can make all the difference in the world. Under the law, there is an immense difference between being a 51 percent owner and a 49 percent owner. Unless there is a shareholder agreement or an operating agreement that protects the rights of minority interests, a minority owner has few legal rights. 

Unless the majority owner breaches a fiduciary duty, there is little the minority owner can do to prevent a majority owner from running roughshod over the minority owner’s interest. The law gives broad discretion to majority owners to make decisions in operating a company, and courts will rarely interfere with those decisions. Even dissolving a limited liability company or a corporation may be beyond reach if protections are not built into a shareholders agreement or an operating agreement.

Before finding yourself a victim to an unscrupulous majority owner, make sure you have a lawyer negotiating minority rights or better yet, never become a minority member or shareholder.

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