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When Are Attorneys Required to Communicate With Clients?

New California Rule of Professional Conduct, rule 1.4 is packed with guidance on when lawyers must communicate with their clients. Before considering the details of the rule, put yourself in the client's position. If you hired a lawyer to handle a life changing event, when would you want the lawyer to communicate with you? Generally speaking, more communication is better in the attorney-client relationship. Few clients complain their lawyers provide too much information.

Lawyers Must Ensure Nonlawyers Comply With the Rules of Professional Conduct

While competent attorneys take steps to comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct, they sometimes forget that employees can get them into trouble by violating the rules. While the California State Bar likely won't discipline nonattorneys who violate the Rules of Professional Conduct, lawyers who supervise violators can be disciplined for those violations.

Lawyers Can Take a Peek at Inadvertently Transmitted Privileged Writings But Should Get Court Permission To Use Them

The California Rules of Professional Conduct go far beyond protecting clients from unscrupulous lawyers. Rule 1.0(a) says the rules are designed "to protect the public, the courts, and the legal profession; protect the integrity of the legal system; and promote the administration of justice and confidence in the legal profession."

Do you understand what information is actually a trade secret?

Running your own business is a difficult task. It can take many years to develop your own processes for creating products or providing a service. It often takes even longer to develop a list of clients and customers who need what you can provide. How discouraging is it to consider the idea that someone could steal the information you spent decades acquiring for their own personal gain?

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