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Popularity of subterranean spaces growing in Orange County

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2015 | Construction Litigation

It appears that many homes here in Orange County are expanding downwards rather than outwards or upwards. Specifically, it is becoming more and more popular here in Orange County to have large subterranean spaces built onto homes.

When one thinks of subterranean spaces, one might think of small basements aimed primarily at storage. The new subterranean space trend, however, is pointed towards larger subterranean spaces that are aimed at being additional living space in a home and which are meant to be full of amenities.

One of the things that may be drawing area homebuyers to having large subterranean spaces is the possibility of expanding one’s living space without running into problems with height restrictions or disputes over views with the neighbors.

Why do you think large subterranean living spaces in homes are growing in popularity? What sorts of effects do you think this trend will have on the sorts of home construction work construction companies in the Orange County area end up seeing?

Subterranean spaces can pose some different sorts of construction issues than above-ground spaces. This includes differences in what the biggest sorts of construction defect risks would be in relation to a space.

When defect allegations arise in connection to a construction project, many significant and complex legal issues can come up. When a homeowner or a construction company is dealing with legal issues related to an alleged construction defect, whether the alleged defect is connected to above-ground construction or subterranean construction, obtaining the guidance of a lawyer knowledgeable in construction law can be important.

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