Arrangements that work best for clients

Klein & Wilson sometimes takes contingency fee, hybrid fee and hourly fee cases. Financial arrangements are based on the individual case, including probability of collection. Contact the firm at 949-478-0521 or visit

[MUSIC PLAYING] ATTORNEY 1: Klein and Wilson's willing to take risks. And we'll look at contingency fee cases where the amount of damages are a million dollars or more, and we are convinced, not only is the liability strong, but that there is a substantial probability of collection. ATTORNEY 2: When clients ask us whether or not we're willing to take a case on a contingency fee basis, we'll lay out the mathematics for them and explain to them what the fee would be on a contingency verses the hourly. And sometimes clients will actually get a better economic result if they hire us on an hourly fee basis. So we'll lay this out for the client and help them make the best decision for them. ATTORNEY 1: In general, when Klein and Wilson takes on a contingency fee case, or what we call a modified contingency fee case, we require the clients to pay our out-of-pocket costs for experts, travel and things like that. And part of the reason for doing that is to make sure that the client has skin in the game. ATTORNEY 2: So a hybrid fee is where a client will pay both, part hourly fees and part contingency fee. We really like these arrangements with our clients because that way both the client and the firm are financially invested into the case. ATTORNEY 1: Klein and Wilson is always looking to take risk on cases. And if the contingency fee makes sense for the firm and if it makes sense for the client, we're happy to do it. [MUSIC PLAYING]