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Results: Premises Liability

Below is a list of some of the cases the firm has handled, not a complete list, and is not a guaranty of future results.

Darla L. v. Southland LLC
$2.25 million
In April 2000, Klein & Wilson won a verdict of $2.25 million in a premises liability action stemming from a sexual assault of a tenant who lived at a residential apartment complex.  Klein & Wilson also won punitive damages.  This was one of the largest verdicts of its kind in California.

Doe v. Roe Mall
In 2000, Klein & Wilson represented a 37-year-old man who slipped and fell in a shopping mall and broke his leg.  Klein & Wilson settled the case for $290,000.

Turley v. Steaven Jones Development
Klein & Wilson's client broke her wrist after tripping over stairs which were not constructed pursuant to California Building Code requirements.  Defendants vehemently denied liability and refused to pay anything.  Klein & Wilson won an arbitration award of $200,000.

Doe v. Jefferson Hotel
Klein & Wilson represented plaintiff in an action against the world famous Jefferson Hotel in Washington, D.C.  One of the client's fingers was partially amputated when a defective window fell.  The hotel denied liability.  Klein & Wilson videotaped a reenactment of the accident, proving the window malfunctioned.  The hotel refused to pay anything.  Klein & Wilson won an arbitration award of $115,000.

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