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Conflict Of Interest Attorneys In Orange County

An attorney has a duty of undivided loyalty to the client.  Often, when attorneys represent multiple clients, they fail to see how the interests of one client could conflict with the interests of another.  Even when they recognize such potential conflicts of interest, attorneys often fail to provide proper disclosure of the potential conflicts of interest to multiple clients, so the clients can make an informed decision as to whether to permit a single law firm to represent multiple clients.  Any time an attorney's duties to a client are compromised, or potentially compromised, by the attorney's duties to another client, another party, or even his or herself, a conflict of interest may exist.

Lawyers Experienced With Helping Victims Of Legal Malpractice In California

When lawyers fail to recognize conflicts of interest or fail to obtain proper waivers of conflicts, they may be subject to malpractice claims and required to disgorge fees.

Generally, an attorney should not represent clients whose interests actually conflict.  When attorneys represent clients with adverse interests without a proper waiver, there is a strong probability the attorney will be held liable for malpractice and may be forced to return any fees he or she collected.

Clients need a skilled legal malpractice attorney to identify the types of conflicts which are subject to waiver, and analyze whether the attorney obtained proper conflict waivers.

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A skilled lawyer should be able to recognize a conflict of interest.  If you are concerned that a conflict of interest exists, the best step you can take is to contact a qualified malpractice lawyer to evaluate the situation.  To reach our experienced attorneys about conflicts of interest and other legal malpractice matters, e-mail Klein & Wilson today or call us at 949-478-0521 or .

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