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Results: Employment Litigation

Below is a list of some of the cases the firm has handled, not a complete list, and is not a guaranty of future results.

Doe v. Roe Corporation (Case Confidential)
$2.8 million

Klein & Wilson represented the chief financial officer (CFO) of an international corporation that abruptly terminated the CFO in violation of his employment agreement. Before filing a lawsuit, Klein & Wilson negotiated a $2.8 million settlement for the CFO, which far exceeded the mandated severance package in the employment agreement.

Doe v. Roe Corporation (Case Confidential)

Klein & Wilson represented the former chief executive officer of a major corporation. The major corporation had failed to live up to numerous provisions of a post-employment agreement. After three days of arbitration, the defendant agreed to pay all the money Klein & Wilson's client requested, totaling over $500,000.

John Doe v. AMMCO Holdings, LLC (Case Confidential)
$250,000 (Binding Arbitration)

AMMCO hired Klein & Wilson's client to be its president and gave him the impossible task of turning the company around in short order, even though the company's accounting department was incompetent and years of sloppy corporate culture permeated every department. Klein & Wilson's client made great strides in improving quality control and repairing damaged customer relationships. Nevertheless, AMMCO's board abruptly terminated the client for "cause" after a disgruntled employee complained about his management style. Consequently, AMMCO refused to pay the severance set forth in the employment agreement and other wages, on the ground that the "for cause" termination justified its decision. Klein & Wilson persuaded AMMCO to submit the case to binding arbitration which saved Klein & Wilson's client thousands of dollars in fees and costs. At the binding arbitration in front of Justice Edward Wallin, Klein & Wilson proved its client met AMMCO's stated objectives and there was no "cause" justifying the client's termination. Justice Wallin awarded Klein & Wilson's client the entire severance payment requested, plus vacation pay, penalties, expert witness fees, interest, costs, and all of Klein & Wilson's attorneys' fees.

American Reprographics Company v. Brazo
American Reprographics Company v. Crisp Enterprises, Inc.

(Confidential Settlement)

Klein & Wilson's client was accused of raiding plaintiff's business and hiring away approximately 50 employees, as well as soliciting dozens of customers who had formerly used plaintiff as a reprographics service. This case could have destroyed Klein & Wilson's client, which had grown dramatically until the lawsuit. Klein & Wilson was able to find insurance coverage for the client and was instrumental in achieving a settlement that saved the company and helped it move forward on its tremendous growth.

Cisco Sales Corporation v. Price Point Mail Order, Ltd.
(Confidential Settlement)

Klein & Wilson represented a corporation and an executive in a claim by plaintiff that the executive had stolen trade secrets and used them at his new employer. After Klein & Wilson completed the deposition of the plaintiff's chief executive officer, the plaintiff decided to settle the case on terms that were extremely favorable for Klein & Wilson's client, especially because Klein & Wilson succeeded in obtaining insurance coverage for the claim.

Doe v. Roe Corporation (Case Confidential)
Klein & Wilson represented an employer in a wage and hour class action. Recognizing the devastation these claims can have on employers, Klein & Wilson aggressively fought plaintiff's efforts to certify a class and succeeded. Frustrated by Klein & Wilson's success, plaintiff's counsel decided against making additional efforts to certify a class and agreed to settle the single plaintiff's claim. Additionally, as a part of the settlement, Klein & Wilson obtained a representation and warranty from plaintiff's counsel that: (1) he had not shared information regarding the lawsuit with other lawyers or any past or present employees of Klein & Wilson's client; and (2) he would never sue Klein & Wilson's client again.

Doe v. Roe Corporation (Case Confidential)
Klein & Wilson represented an employer accused of sexual discrimination. Klein & Wilson elicited testimony from plaintiff that before she was fired, the client legitimately reprimanded her for violating company policies, damaging company property, and treating customers poorly. Moreover, plaintiff admitted the alleged sexual discrimination ended immediately after plaintiff complained about it and the client took action. Finally, Klein & Wilson obtained testimony from plaintiff's new employer that it also reprimanded plaintiff because customers complained about her bad attitude, and she also damaged company property. Subsequently, plaintiff quit her new job because she lost her driver's license, making her ineligible for further employment with Klein & Wilson's client. Needless to say, plaintiff substantially reduced her initial $1 million demand, and Klein & Wilson settled the case.

Doe v. Roe Corporation (Case Confidential)
(Confidential Settlement)

Klein & Wilson represented a former executive of a $60 million corporation, which failed to live up to its post-employment obligations. As a result of Klein & Wilson's effective case presentation at the arbitration, the corporation folded and paid Klein & Wilson's client everything he had earned.

Doe Corporation v. Roe Corporation (Case Confidential)

Klein & Wilson represented Roe Corporation, who was sued by an individual claiming Roe Corporation entered into a written agreement providing the individual a 30 percent (30%) interest in the company as well as guaranteeing employment for five years at $100,000 per year. Plaintiff's settlement demand was $5 million. Roe Corporation hired Klein & Wilson just two weeks before the case was set for trial. Klein & Wilson persuaded the trial court to continue the trial. Klein & Wilson then took plaintiff's deposition by videotape, during which Klein & Wilson impeached plaintiff many times. Subsequently, Klein & Wilson persuaded plaintiff to attend a mediation. At the mediation, Klein & Wilson used a multimedia presentation showing how badly plaintiff had been impeached. The case settled at mediation for $60,000.

Family Home and Finance Center v. Purpose Funding, Inc.
(Confidential Settlement)

Klein & Wilson represented several former executives of Purpose Funding when they left their former employer to find a new firm. As a result of Klein & Wilson's devastating deposition of the plaintiff's chief executive officer, the case settled on extraordinarily favorable terms for the client.

Saad v. Gilchrist
(Defense Verdict)

In this action, Mr. Klein represented the former president of a software company on a breach of guarantee case. At the conclusion of plaintiff's case, Mr. Klein moved for a defense verdict. Judgment was entered on behalf of Mr. Klein's client without his client being required to present further evidence. Costs were awarded to Mr. Klein's client.

STM Wireless, Inc. v. Aljaff
(Confidential Settlement)

Klein & Wilson represented a technology company that believed its former employee stole trade secrets. The employee contended he had been treated unfairly while employed at the technology company. Klein & Wilson achieved a favorable settlement for the client, which resolved all employment and trade secret issues.

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