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Unlawful Detainer

Litigation Firm in Orange County, California

Klein & Wilson has represented both landlords and tenants in commercial unlawful detainer actions. KLEIN & WILSON DOES NOT HANDLE RESIDENTIAL DISPUTES BETWEEN LANDLORDS AND TENANTS.

Unlawful detainer is a minefield for the unwary and such actions require an experienced attorney to handle them. Klein & Wilson's aggressive litigation style has helped landlords evict even the most obstinate defendants and, in one case, a tenant Klein & Wilson was prosecuting was threatened with jail until he ultimately paid a judgment to the landlord. In another case, Klein & Wilson's successful appeal of an adverse judgment led to a published appellate decision changing the law regarding enforcement of estoppel certificates. In a major case involving the State of California's attempted eviction of hundreds of mobilehome park owners from state property, Klein & Wilson delayed the eviction for over a year and finally forced a favorable settlement that allowed the tenants a total of 14 months of extended residency and transferred the costs of removing the mobilehomes to the State. See the significant case results page for descriptions of some of the unlawful detainer matters Klein & Wilson has handled.

Other Real Estate Disputes

Klein & Wilson's attorneys also assist clients in construction defects litigation, homeowners' association disputes, easement disputes, and other real estate litigation. To learn more about additional matters handled by Klein & Wilson's experienced trial lawyers, visit the Areas of Trial Practice page.

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To speak with a lawyer at Klein & Wilson about a landlord-tenant or unlawful detainer dispute, call (949) 631-3300 or toll free (877) 857-0073, or contact the firm online.

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