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Disability Insurance/ERISA Claims

Disability insurance provides a monthly sum of money to employees and policyholders who are unable, due to sickness or injury, to perform material and substantial duties of their own occupation, or any occupation for which they are reasonably qualified by education, training or experience. The types of disability insurance are individual disability insurance, long-term, and short-term disability insurance. Disability insurance protects employees and insurance consumers against financial catastrophe when a breadwinner becomes unable to work.

When unscrupulous insurance companies, who are in business to make a profit, deny disability claims unfairly, they take advantage of their policyholders who are at their most vulnerable station in life. Further, many disability insurance claims are subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act ("ERISA"), which limits what may be collected and otherwise "stacks the deck" in the insurance companies' favor. To overcome the built-in advantages ERISA gives to insurance companies, it is important that policyholders have effective representation to obtain the disability insurance benefits to which they are entitled and to hold insurance companies accountable.

If you have disability insurance with Unum, Prudential, MetLife, Cigna, Hartford, Aetna, Guardian, Massachusetts Mutual, Principal Life, Lincoln National, Reliance Standard, or any other disability insurance company, are disabled and entitled to benefits, and are being unfairly treated by your insurance company, please call Klein & Wilson (949) 631 3300 or toll free (877) 857 0073. For online assistance, contact us by e mail.

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