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Most large law firms have an appellate department, and many small law firms must refer out their appellate work because they do not feel qualified to handle appeals. Klein & Wilson handles its own appeals. Appellate specialists say trial lawyers should not file their own appeals because they cannot be objective about what happened at trial. Klein & Wilson disagrees. An appellate practitioner who picks up the file only after the judgment has been entered is like someone who visits a battlefield after the battle is over. Only those who participated in the battle can understand how the battle was fought and why a case was won or lost at the trial court level.

Klein & Wilson's appellate record speaks for itself. For example, although extraordinary writs are rarely granted in civil cases, and usually fewer than one in twenty writs are issued, Klein & Wilson has had great success in writ practice. Even rarer is reversal of a verdict following trial. Yet, in two different cases, Klein & Wilson successfully reversed trial court decisions entered against Klein & Wilson's clients resulting in directed verdicts by the appellate court in favor of Klein & Wilson's clients. Accordingly, Klein & Wilson is capable of handling a case from the filing of a complaint through trial, through appeal and through the entry of a final, non-appealable order.

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To speak with a lawyer at Klein & Wilson about an appeal, call (949) 631-3300 or toll free (877) 857-0073, or contact the firm by e-mail.

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